jeudi 3 mars 2016

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Dear readers,

This blog is migrating into many different locations. I will stop using Blogger and will replace it with my Medium blog where you can read my very first story here.

If you want to follow Digital Marketing News I will invite you to read the blog of the Digital Marketing Agency called Nativs I am launching with a partner. Read here!

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mercredi 27 mai 2015

1000 Beer Genome Kickstarter lauched !

I participated a while ago in a Startup Weekend with the great Doctor Gianpaolo Rando from University of Geneva and a friend of Mine on a DNA project. It was very inspiring and because I am a very curious person I learned a lot during the process.

Two months later I got an email from the same Dr.Rando telling me he found a different way of solving a problem with his DNA Barcoding technique and the project involved beer ! How could I not get involved right ? 

Beer Decoded : 1000 Beer genomes.

We will make an App that tells you which beer you will like according to the previous beers you drank (through DNA).
It took me a few days before understanding the project myself so I had to read papers and blogs behind the DNA sequencing techniques and discussing with our Beer Loving Scientist  helped a lot as well.

NY Kickstarter Hackathon

We created the project in order to be part of a selected group of projects to go to New York for a Kickstarter Hackathon weekend. Creating the campaign took us a while and made us think a lot about how our Beer Sommelier App would work and how it would appeal to people ‘s interest. Our project made it through the selections and Gianpaolo flew to New York to meet a cool crew of designers and hackers to help the project go even further and to finalise the Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign is now Live on Kickstarter !

You can also like us on Facebook :

If you are beer lovers, science geeks, both or even curious people that enjoy a cold one feel free to check it out and share with your friends !


mardi 24 février 2015

The day my Excel skill leveled up!

“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.” 
 Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein probably knew that there is a difference between knowing Excel and Mastering it. It is now my turn to realize that with Excel everything becomes possible you just have to be patient (super patient).

Level 1 

Acknowledging that in Excel you can do anything you want is probably the most difficult step to become a better Excel user. I started the week by thinking "all you can do is multiply, divide and make funky graphs".

Level 2 

You now need good Googling skills to find the right answers and formulas to whatever you want to do in your document. Even if you don't know the name of the functions you are about to use you can find them easily by typing what they do.

Level 3 

The best way to gain experience and level up when you work in a big open space is by actually going to see the most people possible and ask them how you could improve your document or how to use specific functions to get from point A to point AB.

I've learned a lot like that but also by browsing a few cool forums and youtube channels.

My Inventory of 5 Links to get better at Excel

  1. VitaminCM Channel on Youtube (EN)
  2. Excelforum (EN)
  3. Exceljet (EN)
  4. mdf-xlpages (FR)
  5. Developpez forum (FR)
I can now erase "Mastering the V Lookup Function" from my bucket list!

dimanche 1 février 2015

Final Week in Geneva

A lot of thing going on right now so here's a little recap of these last few months.

I finished my last classes at CREA Genève with a great E-commerce themed lecture and with visits of and somfy which was a great experience. The only thing standing between me and the Diploma is the awesome Internship I'm about to start in 8 days at BnP Paribas Fortis with the Social Media team in Brussels.

Most importantly, the Lift15 is about to start and I've been working with the entire team to make this 10th anniversary event enter in the memories of all the participants! I'm really excited about the talks I will be attending and meeting the most interesting people on earth for 3 days. 

Then I've been working on this great project with Dr.Rando from University of Geneva on a Kickstarter campaign to analyse 1000 different beers and make a comparative App for beer lovers. We are participating in the contest to be the first projects in the Kickstarter Science category and I'm looking forward to getting the results! Check out our Facebook page
This project is also done with members of BeOpenLab the future Collaborative Lab / Making Space in Geneva.

Edit: Selected by Kickstarter!

 Can't wait to see the logo printed on T-shirts and Lab Coats


Thanks for reading.

vendredi 21 novembre 2014

A Journey to lift basel

Warning, Blogpost in english!

I have been helping prepare the event for a couple of months, sending emails, informing people on social media and uploading the profiles of the speakers and contributing to the completion of the website as it is now.

I was invited to join the organising team and help them with all the editorial and social media management. The week before the event was a lot of planning and scheduling each message for each part of the day so that I would have a solid base of information to communicate and of course would change and perfect before it would go online.

Right after class I had to jump on the next train from Geneva to Basel and I had the chance to join the last session of Thursday. Unfortunately not getting to see much I have to catch up with friends and lifters and to getting back used to the great lift atmosphere.

My job was basically announcing the speakers on stage, creating conversation in the lift community around the topics, gathering the crowd’s questions for the speakers and sharing all the information about the event. My colleagues call it geeking since I spent the whole day looking at two laptops and my phone, but i still had a lot of running around the stage and backstage to give me a break from sitting.

I was afraid biology, neuroscience and health technology might be too complicated for me to understand and too specific for me to follow, but in the end great speakers can vulgarise the subject and make it really easy to understand and share their passion for the field with anybody. I admire that about most speakers in conferences more than the fact they are very comfortable speaking in front of hundreds of people.

I can say I grew a lot of interest for most of the topics we went through on Friday. I was mostly attracted by the vision of the futures driven by Anders Sandberg’s roundtable or how Design could change the way we take care of our health and interact with both doctors and insurance companies.

Mostly, I can’t wait to share the videos of the talks with my mother, a scientist working in pharmaceutical drug research. Specially the video of Chas Bountra on Innovation Through Open Access and Public-private Partnership.

I was also very inspired by all the crowdsourcing and biohacking talks since I am collaborating on the opening of a Biohacking space in Geneva called Open Bio Lab with @CDrevo.

I am now on the train heading back home, relieved everything went so well for the first edition of Lift Basel.

That’s all folks and I will be glad to meet you and have a chat during Lift 15 in February 2015 (link).

Ressources :

jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Re-passer son examen Google Adwords

Ma certification Google Adwords allait expirer en cette fin de mois et je dois le repasser dans le cadre du Bachelor en Digital Marketing à CREA Genève.

J'utilise Google Adwords de façon régulière et j'ai révisé avec les cours en anglais proposés par Google.

- Récit en images -

Première surprise : L'examen est en français et j'ai jamais trop été fan des traductions françaises des menus ou du jargon Google traduit mot à mot dans des questions à rallonge rédigées par Nelson Monfort.

Deuxième surprise : Je devrais m'y attendre mais il y a toujours des questions avec des calculs interminables avec quatre propositions de résultats quasi identiques qui te forcent à ouvrir une fiche Excel et tes cours de comptabilité.

Malgré ces deux petites surprises j'ai quand été très incertain quant au résultat final. Est-ce que je vais le réussir ou devrais changer la langue des comptes Adwords avec lesquels je travaille et que je commence à réviser pour l'examen avec des cours traduits en français ? 

Finalement je m'en suis sorti et je suis toujours, jusqu'en 2015, titulaire de la certification Google Adwords.

mardi 30 septembre 2014

Ello world ?

Tous les membres de groupes Facebook de Community Manager cherchent des invitations Ello. Tous les blogs et sites d'actes en parlent. Mais de quoi s'agit-t'il ?

Ello est un réseau social très simple et très épuré qui se veut sans publicités. Petit clin d'oeil au Digital Marketing, car Facebook nous offre actuellement de belles possibilités.

Avec un petit air d'anonymous, Paul Budnitz le créateur d'Ello nous explique la naissance du phénomène :

"Ello was originally built by a group of seven well-known artists and programmers as a private social network. Over time, so many people wanted to use Ello that our servers were overwhelmed. We built a public version of Ello for everyone to use."

Le réseau est actuellement en Beta et seulement une poignée d'utilisateurs s'échangent leurs codes d'invitation. Système très intelligent, car il donne un aspect mystérieux à tous ceux qui n'y ont pas accès. Teasing à la manière de Google+ à ses débuts ? 

Les Plus : 
  • Les gifs animés sont acceptés
  • Le design épuré
  • Le côté hipster
  • Des améliorations constantes

Les Moins : 
  • On s'y sent seul
  • Un peu trop noir et blanc